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We offer a variety of pre-existing workshops and packages. We also cater experiences specifically for you and your audience based on your needs, time requirements and resources. All workshops can be tailored to suit any age group. If you do not have a kitchen in your space we create one using portable burners and other supplies.

The cost of individual sessions and course packages vary and are determined on a case by case basis. Individual classes of two hours begin at $750 and packages of three begin at $2000. We offer reduced rates to non-profits.

Our workshops are versatile and allow you to:

Give wellness advice to your staff so they can avoid a sick day
Invite friends over for a home spa and wellness day
Get a workshop at your child's school
Gather your community for fast and fun recipes
Create a cooking party for your kids (or you)
Prepare a tantalizing meal with a date
Teach newlyweds kitchen basics
And more...

To schedule a workshop please contact Elizabeth J. E. Johnson at Scroll down to "Our Menu of Workshops" for a taste of our offerings.


We believe how we deliver our message is as important as the message itself. Our teaching philosophy is to meet people where they’re at and lead them to a new place. In our workshops we are tolerant of choices and beliefs that differ from our message. We provide examples anyone can relate to while we share a new point of view. To encourage a willingness to change eating habits and perceptions about food we use familiar recipes to introduce new ingredients, thoughts and skills. We applaud even small changes because we understand every step is important. We appeal to varied learning styles through hands-on experience, conversation, visuals, skits and role-play. Perhaps most importantly, we believe fun and laughter are two of our best teachers and medicines. We often say, if we can make you laugh, we can make you learn. To this end, all of our workshops are interactive and full of life, guffaws and good times.


Following is a list of some of our course offerings. Please remember that we also customize workshops especially for you and your needs. To schedule a workshop and address any questions, please contact Elizabeth at We look forward to working with you.


The women of Conscious Cravers are happy to come to your school, office, organization or event to deliver an interactive and hands on performance-art lecture that suits your needs and topic. To schedule a speaking event email or call us today!


If you’d like us to create a workshop to discuss a specific health, wellness or culinary topic we can do that for you. Call or email us so we can discuss your ideas and needs and we will work with you. We will go to your home or office, your child’s school or local community center or anywhere else we are needed.


6 session package
Up to 14 participants
12 hrs (2 hrs each session)

In this fun and interactive 6-session class we help you walk the path to green-Being. The first step is learning the language of your body so that you can understand your body’s cravings. The second step is becoming a conscious shopper so that you can choose the best foods for you, your body and lifestyle. The third step is learning the knife and cooking skills you need to prepare delicious, easy recipes for yourself, your family and your friends. Working intensely with you for 6 weeks allows you to internalize your new skills, put our seven steps to success into practice, and take responsibility of your health.


As many sessions as you want
Up to 14 participants
2 hours

Do you have a group of friends you’d like to bring together to learn cooking and wellness basics? Do you want to learn to cook delicious and healthy meals for your family? We can help! Gather some friends and family to have fun as you learn the tricks to being a Conscious Craver on the path to green-Being. You’ll gain new insights on what it means to eat well, learn professional grade cooking techniques and cook a great meal together.


3 session package
Up to 14 people
6 hours (2 hrs each session)

This workshop teaches you how to be a savvy shopper. We focus on four hard issues people face when shopping for food: navigating your local supermarket, reading food labels, using sweeteners and consuming dairy. In this class, you learn to use nutrition labels and ingredient lists to make better packaged food choices. We visit a local supermarket so you can learn how to pick the best produce, meat and fish. We discuss a variety of sweetening alternatives to sugar and provide recipes for their use. We talk about the benefits and concerns of dairy products and introduce non-dairy alternatives.


1 session
Up to 14 people
2 hours

In this workshop we provide “7 steps to success” that outline simple ways to choose healthful foods. We prepare a meal in keeping with the 7-steps and teach basic knife skills, recipe reading and time saving tricks. Finally we come to the table to enjoy our meal, go over major points and answer any remaining questions. This is a great class for folks who are new to the kitchen or who are learning the basics of healthy living and cooking.


1 session package
Up to 14 people

In this workshop, we help you relax and rejuvenate as you prepare and apply homemade skin, hair and body products. Using common household foods we explore ancient beauty secrets and timeless rituals from around the world. You learn how our ancestors used food for outer beauty, you take home the bounty you make and, keep the recipes for later.


1 session package
Up to 14 people
4 hour session

In this workshop we discusses how the body, mind, and Spirit are affected by the food we eat, the products we use and the thoughts we entertain. We talk about how the body digests food, absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste and toxins. Using muscle testing,we examine the energy of food and its effect on our self esteem, our mood, and our ability to connect to our power. Using easy to find foods we prepare natural skin care products, healing dishes and teas and tonics for green-Being.

Our Clients Include

  • Children's Aid Society
  • Family Cook Productions
  • George Washington University
  • Groundworks
  • Health Corps
  • New York Public Libraries
  • New York Public Schools
  • Queens Public Libraries
  • Sadie Nash
  • Salvation Army
  • The Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Health